4G Internet Started on May 2014 All Bangladesh

By   April 10, 2014

Next month of May 2014 will be started on 4G in Bangladesh. From next month is going to be launched services in Long Term Evulution . With the coming of mobile operators in the country’s institutions, 2014-15 fiscal fourth- generation of Internet services will be introduced BTRC chairman Sunil Kanti Bose said . But at the same time do not get licenses and allocation of waves launched a nationwide network of buyers to its licensing policies problems not say anything clear about this mobile . Commentary on them , now they are focusing more on delivering services to buyers .  4G Internet Started on May 2014 All Bangladesh

The fourth generation of the Internet services company Banglalion licensed , Qubee and Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd’s infrastructure development, organization officials said almost the last stage . Officially , these organizations will test their network of April nagada Immediately LTE service to customers is going to turn three WIMANG institutions .

Earlier , Bangladesh to launch 4G 2008 of nine organizations took part in the auction . Of five ( Banglalion , Qubee , Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd  , Mango and nationalized telecommunications company ( BTCL ) companies license being granted . Licensed agents in the institutions count is 246 million per year ‘s Banglalion and Qubee license takes and mango left without All Ernest withdraw money . previous auction on the basis of the regulator decides myangoke LTE licenses . corrigendum issued guidelines in October bidabliue regulatory agency guidelines .

Sources already owned Russian companies Multineter BIELK LTE licenses and two of the 246 crore allocated 2 thousands 600 band waves are final . However, in accordance with the principles of this operator will be able to service only the data , not at all able to voice services . South Korean project using BTCL LTE technology will give Internet service . The license fee or waves from the project are expected to be .

In October last year , while buyers ( Third Generation ) mobile phone service was launched . State- owned mobile phone operator in the service of this company is going through . Technical assistance to China. Instead of 8 September auction buyers through the operations of four private mobile phone operator gets a chance Grameenphone, Robi , Banglalink and Airtel . Operators in accordance with the principles of buyers for 15 -year license . Of service to buyers all over the country in this year are reached .

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