60th Indian National Film Awards announced-2013

By   March 28, 2013

Indian National Film award-2013 was very vast stage making for Indian National Film award. The best Indian films of sharnakamol Award as the ‘Pan Singh Tomar’ of 2012. Regional Director Kaushik Ganguly Bengali film received the Best movie Award for ‘Shabdho’. Delhi at a press conference on Monday to announce the recipients of the 60th National Film Awards. The film Basu Chatterjee, Swapan mallika and aruna Raj present.60th Indian National Film Awards announced-2013

‘Kahani’ movie Editing and Best Screenplay Award for the vast sujaya Ghosh found. Best Actor Award for two people. ‘Pan Singh Tomar, Irrfan Khan and Marathi film for the movies’ Onumoti’ Vikram gokhale on performance.

Best Actress – Uhsha Yadav, the Marathi movies ‘spots’ have been selected for the performance. ‘Vickie donar’ – The film has been selected for the best sahaabhineta Anu Kapoor. Dolly Ahluwalia has been elected the best sahaabhinetri, ‘Vickie donar’ for the film. Indira Gandhi Award has been selected as the first movies Bedabrata Pine ‘citagam’ and malayalama chodiyangala 101 pictures.

Director Bedabrata Pine First Pictures ‘citagam’ film songs have been selected the best singer Shankar mahadeban. Has been issued by the Director of Social sujita the ‘Vickie donar’ movie. Moments movies ‘spots’s Best Director Award for receiving Shivaji lotan.

Best koriographar been Biraju Maharaj. His Tamil ‘Bisbapuram’ for. Special Jury Award at the Rituparno Ghosh (citrangada) and naojauddina – siddiki. Pariniti Chopra Bollywood actress ‘isakayade’ films have been selected for a special award

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