Agnee Bangla Movie Trailer

By   December 2, 2013

Agnee 2014 is an action masala Bangladeshi bangla movie. The film full trailer has released on December 01, 2013. After released this film trailer accepted by audience. Arefin Shuvo and Mahiya Mahi playing the leads role in this film will be released on February 07, 2014. Agnee Bangla Movie Trailer

Jazz multimedia new movie ‘Fire’ trailer did checkmate.Already 3 minutes 45 seconds trailer has taken to scurry around. Especially Angelina Jolly fight action matches with the film actress Mahiya Mahi getting some action. Arefin Shuvo and Mahiya Mahi starring film will be released on February 07, 2014.

It was found that, Mahi and Arefin Shuvo acted the film most of the shooting in Thailand. Trailer has been shown in several art scene. Bengali films have never before seen. Mahi is a view of the front wheel of the motorcycle gone higher. Besides the trailer of movie graphics, color and sound quality has been trying to give the idea about the audience.

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