Arfin Rumey New Single album

By   April 5, 2013

Thursday (02-04-13) was the American gone to Arfin Rumey and his wife (second wife kamaruna nesa).  Before going in, over six months for this tour.  Prior to that, he not gone long tour abroad. She also said, this is their first tour of America by kamrun Nesa after marriage.Arfin Rumey New Single album, poster, image

As a result of an invitation by the Bengali in some parts of the stage show, as well as the importance of this visit family.  However, over the six-month tour of America Arifin Rumy’s Stage Shows and father-in-law of this family for some family celebrations parties, as well as some of the songs also do a local recording studio.

The Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj’s new film ‘kanamachi of the theses of this visit is complete when the song.  In general, with several of the young artist has a new project when Rumey.  Rumey said, but it was a long tour in America and won vacation.

In addition to several stage shows and musical works that my hands have built.  In particular, ‘kanamachi’ movie six songs to make it this far abroad.  I’m here with my friends and have a couple of fans.  They will carry out a project of this well-established for six months.In all, a very bad state.

A lot of pressure.  In particular, ‘kanamachi’ songs about the big challenge for a lot of things.  The forums at least when I play I do not spend your free time phurasat.  I will miss you a lot town of Dhaka.  Thats ensure.  We hope to see six months can be cut.   Arifin Rumi going to America before leaving to Dhaka end his new single album.  The single word – Health tunes on this album is coming out of the CD banner choice.

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