Asif And Nancy Eid Song Album 2013

By   October 10, 2013

Asif and Nancy song album coming on the market  on the occasion of Eid and worship. It’s the first album Asif and Nancy audio album. Asif and Nancy audio industry commercially success has been the case in the first row Asif and Nancy . Both were done for a long time to hold their position . This is the most popular music artist song album is the first dual . The album will be coming out Eid season . Not to be the final song on this album total songs are 12. All dual. The 10 basic.The remaining two Hemanta Mukhopadhyay . Asif And Nancy Eid Song Album 2013

Asif said, I personally like the Nancy song . His voice is very beautiful. The album is both faithful to us the audience will add a new dimension to my faith. Nancy said, the first song from my brother Asif. But he did not have any double songs . It was the double album. Hopefully songs listeners will like . ‘

Album of original songs wrote Bakiul Alam, Kabir Bakul, Prodip Shah, Rajib Ahmed and Rabiul Islam Jibon. Monwar Hossain Tutul the tune .Music arranged by Ahmed Kislu . The voice recordings done by Nancy . Asif voice recording will end two or one day .
Asif Akbar have done two albums. Both dual artist song album . Special songs of worship other hassle songs. The first album to be released on the occasion of Durga Puja.Asif songs with Shashi. Nancy song of the album with the hassle of coming Eid occasion . Arb Entertainment has published both two album.

Asif generally his album songs have 12. But on the occassion of Durga Puja have two songs.Bajare Dol songs done the dual voice Asif and Shashi.Others Chandbati. Asif sung this song alone . The album will have listeners on October 9, 2013. 12th October coming hassle songs. Asif dual voice 10 songs here with Nancy. Asif said, the festival of Eid and Puja both universal . You will observe the Eid prayers and worship at the same time . I have all the time in Eid published my album, the worship of the Eid festival the album is released .

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