Bangladesh 10th National Parliament Election 2014 result and current news

By   January 5, 2014

The 5th January held 10th National Parliament Election 2014 in Bangladesh and Bangladesh Awami League won the elections. Bangladesh election commission announced this result.  A total of 300 seats, 153 seats, the Awami League won uncontested. Got a little bit seats of individual candidates. The main opposition party BNP without was held Bangladesh 10th National Parliament Election 2014.

At a glance Result of 10th NatioNal Assembly Election 2014 in Bangladesh:
Win party: Bangladesh Awami League
Got amount of seats:
Total seats: 300
Uncontested seats: 153
Contested seats: 147
Opposition party won seats:
Last date of candidates nomination: 2 December 2013
Nomination shorting and selection date: 05 to 06 December 2013
Last date of nomination withdrawal: 13th December 2013
Vote or Election date: 5th January 2014.

Last 25th December 2013 10th National Assembly elections have been completed without the majority vote of the voters and people were already sitting MP. Election Commission official announced left now. Today (5/02/2014) the remaining 147 seats were select spare parts.

Result of 10th National Parliament Election-2014
1. Awami League- 104 seat
2. Jatiyo Party- 12 seat
3. Shotantro Party- 14 seat and others 5 seats

The occasion to strengthen security measures throughout the country. Strict security around 20% polling station on the eve of election and the fire is being assaulted. At the press conference the day before the election, the Election Commissioner said, the country’s 10,000 polling stations in the risky Presiding 18000.

Being election clashes in several places in the center of the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the conspiracy was made to derail elections it has withdrawn from the people through voting. The opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia government came to power by the people trampled the right of vote. The opposition would not accept the win, can not take.

The participation of civil society and foreign diplomats and opinions of all parties with the exception of the only Indian to be selected. However, with the election of the country’s civil society and foreign diplomats are concerned. They said that the peace between them – the discipline may be interrupted. Erupted in the country, which may lead to uncertainty about the country and people can say their idea.

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