Bengali Actor Dev Full Profile

By   April 9, 2013

Bengali Film Actor Dev

Bengali Actor Dev Full Profile

Dev (Actor):
Dev is a big super star in Bengali Film (India). His first debuted film was Agnishapath directed by Prabir Nandi and his co-artist Rachana Banerjee released on 2006. He is one of the biggest and highest payment hero in Indian Bengali Film Industry.

Native name: Dev (Deepak Adhikari)Dev picture
Born: 25 December 1982 (Age 30)
Born Place: Mahisha, West Bengal, India
Residence: Kolkata
Nationality: Indian
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 2006-At present

Dev real name is Deepak Adhikari. He was born on 25th December, 1982 in West Bengali India. He was born in small village in Mahisha in West Bengal.

Body Type:
Height: Dev height is 6 feet and 1 Inch
Weight: Dev weight is 80 kg.

Family History:
Dev is a elder son of his parents. His father name is Gurupado Adhikari and mother name is Mousumi Adhikari. They are two sons of his parents. He has a younger sister. She is name Deepali and nickname Raju. His a small and happy family. Dev latest photos

Dev has signed as brand ambassador are Vivel-ITC Limited, Royal Stag, Shricon TMT Bars, Breakfresh Biscuits and recently brand ambassador is Bengali movie Channel ” Jalsha Movies”.


Educational Quality:
Dev study for gone to Mumbai. His school name was Purushottam High School in Bandra and he receiving Diploma in Computer engineering from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University in Pune. He did an acting course from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Academy in India.

Favorite Actors:
Dev encourage those who do, they are Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Govinda and Abhishek Bachchan.
Dev new picture
Bengali actor Dev’s main hobby pet animal. His pet animal name is Devdas. And his others hobby vacation, see film and reading book.

Marital Status:
Single means not marital status. Dev photo album

Love and Girl friends:
Dev has not yet fall in love in his life. But media think there is a secret love relation between Dev and Subhashree. Dev said, this subject nothing else.

Favorite foods:
Dev loves making his mother hand foods and  likes to eat Biriyani.
Dev film picture
Film Career:
Dev started his film career observe Bollywood film making in the set of ” Tarzaan: The Wander Car” directed by Abbas Mustan in Mumbai. After full fill up his acting course he back to Kolkata and started his film career by actor. His first film was ” Agnisapath”.


Special appearances of Dev:
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2009), Jackpot, Ekti Tarar Khonje (2010) and bawali unlimited (2012).

Filmography of Dev:
Movie name – Co-artists – Director – Producer
1. Agnisapath (2006)-Rachana Banerjee-Director Prabir Nandi-Producer Swapan Kumar Saha
2. I Love You (2007)-Payal Sarkar-Ravi Kinagi-Shree Venkatesh Films
3. Premer Kahini (2008)-Koel Mullick- Ravi Kinagi-Shree Venkatesh Films
4. Mon Mane Na (2008)-Koel Mullick-Sujit Guha-Surinders Films
5. Challenge (2008)-Subhashree Ganguly-Raj Chakraborty-Shree Venkatesh Films
6. Poarn Jai Jolia Re (2009)-Subhashree Ganguly-Ravi Kingi-Shree Venkatesh Films
7. Dujone (2009)-Srabanti-Rajib Biswas-Eskay Movies
8. Bolo Na Tumi Amar (2009)-Koel Mullick-Sujit Mondal-Surinders Films
9. Le Chakka (2010)-Payal Sarkar-Raj Chakraborty-Srijan Arts
10. Dui Prithibi (2010)-Koel Mullick-Raj Chakraborty-Shree Venkatesh Films
11. Sedin Dejha Hoyecilo (2010)-Srabanti-Sujit Mondal-Shree Venkatesh Films
12. Paglu (2011)-Koel Mullick-Rajib Biswas-Surinder Films
13. Romeo (2011)-Subhashree Ganguly-Sujit Mondal-Shree Venkatesh Films
14. Khokababu (2012)-Subhashree Ganguly-Shankar Aiyya-Eskay Movies
15. Paglu 2 (2012)-Koel Mullick-Sujit Mondal-Surinder Films
16. Challenge 2 (2012)-Pooja Bose-Raja Chand-Shree Venkatesh Films
17. Khoka 420 (2013)Nusrat Jahan, Subhashree Ganguly – Rajib Biswas – Eskay Movies
18. Rongbaaz (2013) – Koel Mullick – Raja Chanda- Shree Venkatesh Films,  Surinder Films
19. Mafia (2015)Koel Mallick,  Jeet – Raj Chakraborty
20. Bastab (2013)Srabanti – Rajshekhar Bose
21. Chander Pahar (2014) – – Kamaleshwar Mukherjee – Shree Venkatesh Films
21. Paglu 3 (2015)
22. Buno Haansh 2014
23. Rafanta (2014)
24. Bande Mataram (2014)
25. Khoka Chalu Cheez 2015
26. prem love pyair
27. Awarapan
28. Himmat
29. Rongbaaz 2 (2015)
30. Amar Race
31. Romeo 2
32. King
33. Criminal
34. COP
35. London Ishq
36. Challenge 3
37. Rongbaaz 2
38. I Love You 2
39. Bindaas
40. Dui Prithibi 2
41. Yoddha- The Warrior
42. HeroGiri 2015
43. Mahabharat 2015
Dev image
1. Anadalok Awards (Best Actor)-2009
2. Anandalok Awards (Best Action Hero)-2009
3. Star Jalsha Entertainment Awards 2010 (Best Actor)
4. Tele Cine Awards 2010 (Best Actor)
5. Kalakar Awards 2010 (Best Actor)
6. Star Ananda Shera Bengali Awards 2010
7. Anandalok Awards 2010 (Best Actor)
8. Big Bangla Movie Awards 2011 (Best Actor)
9. Star Jalsha Entertainments Awards 2011 (Best  Dancing Actor)
10. Zee Bangla Awards 2011 (Best Actor)- Nominated
11. Star Guide Bengali Film Awards 2012 (Best Actor)
12. Anandalok Awards 2012 (Best Actor)-Nominated
13. Zee Bangla Awards 2012 (Best Actor)
14. Kalakar Awards 2012 (Best Actor)
15. 12th Tele Cine Awards 2012 (Best Actor)
Dev hot image
Ami Dev
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