Bishwa Ijtema (Tongi) 2015 Started on 09 January 2015

By   December 25, 2014

Next 9th January 2015 will be started on world Muslim Congregation or Bishwa Ijtema 1st part in Tongi, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is called of the 2nd Hajj to every Muslims brothers. We are exactly think World Muslim Congregation is very much created whole world brotherhood and each others Muslims brother relation just like as tide of roof.  Bishwa Ijtema (Tongi) 2015 Started on 09 January 2015

After the Hajj of Muslims around the world, it is the second largest conference. Muslims from different parts of the world are gathered here. Not only here come in all over the countries Muslims but also from whole world Muslims coming here joining the Muslims nations 2nd Hajj.

Bishwa Ijtema’s history is very ancient. Since 1967 the Bishwa Ijtema was held and every year is held the convention of brotherhood systems. So all Muslims man appreciate this convention. May be all are not know that first Bishwa Ijtema was held on 1946 at Ramna park in Dhaka City. The convention yet going on and every year will be going on Bishwa Ijtema.

A huge of peoples every year coming here on this Ijtema times. Outstanding peoples gathered here. So this reason Ijtema committee this convention divided by two ways, as 1st part and others is 2nd part. In this year 2015 1st part Bishwa Ijtema will be held on 09th January 2015. After 1st Bishwa Ijtema end 1 or 2 days breaks will be held Bishwa Ijtema 2nd part and Akheri Monajat will be held 2 ways.

Bishwa Ijtema based our countries areas or districts divided two section. All Muslims peoples to front goal this Bishwa Ijtema coming in Bangladesh and many of people’s stay here and joined the Bishwa Ijtema both part. Our neighbor countries are coming joined the 2nd Hajj done in Bangladesh. India, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Indonesia and others Muslims or non muslims countries Muslims people’s coming for joined this Ijtema.

Bishwa Ijtema’s central location or points is Tongi, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Inside of Turag rivers is the centralized position of Bishwa Ijtema. Every years lakhs Muslims people’s come here; their gets crimes sin. Bangladeshi priminister, opposite leaders and others political persons going to here and they are all pray for ours country and pray for all world Muslims nation.

Bishwa Ijtema arranged by governmentally. The administration of polices, Army, BGB, RAB and others force teams all times stay here. Because here is not occurred any accident or crimes. Here also stay on electronics media’s journalists, press and world wide news media.

Akhiri Monajat is the last day of Bishwa Ijtema, For this day all force teams are very alert. Bangladesh Government every year extra care about Bishwa Ijtema. Because it is not locally any one programme; it’s a internationally brotherhood conventions. So this reason it’s called 2nd Hajj of whole world Muslims nations.

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