Bobby (Bangladeshi Actress) Full Biography

By   November 10, 2013

Bobby is a popular model and film actress in Dhallywood film industry. Her native name is Eamin Haque Bobby. She was born on 1987. She was a Bangladeshi super model 2009 and she was participated Miss Asia Pacific 2011 world competition and able to made a good platform in Bangladeshi media world. Bobby (Bangladeshi Actress) Full Biography

At a glance of Bobby:
Name: Eamin Haque Bobby
Media name: Bobby
Date of birth: 1987

Place of birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation: Actress
Height: 5’7″ or 1.70 m.
Religion: Islam
Years active: 2010 from present time
Language: Bangla
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Country: Bangladesh.

Eamin Haque Bobby started her film career by Khoj: The Search Bengali movie. It was released on 2010 starring by M. A. Jalil Ananta, Barsha, Shoel Rana and more. Her three bangla movie was releaed. These movie were Khoj: The Search, Dehorokkhi and Full and Final.

Bobby now very busy her upcoming movie. Her upcoming movie are Rajotto (2013), Darling (2014), Inch Inch Prem (2014), Picnic (2014), One Way (2014) and 2015 upcoming movie Salam Malaysia, Na Bola Bhalobasha and Shapno Chowa etc.

Years, Movie name and Opposite:
2010: Khoj: The Search
2013: Dehorokkhi- Kazi Maruf

2013: Full and Final- Shakib Khan
2013: Rajotto- Shakib Khan
2014: Darling- Shakib Khan

2014: Inch Inch Prem- Bappy Chowdhury
2014: Picnic
2014: One Way- Bappy Chowdhury
2015: Salam Malaysia- Shakib Khan
2015: Na Bola Bhalobasha- Emon
2015: Shapno Chowa- Symon

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