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By   December 11, 2014

C & A Textile Ltd ipo lottery or draw result 2014   to be gets after lottery draw. Today (11th November 2014) will be published C & A Textile Ltd ipo lottery result. The ipo lottery results may be gets after 12.00 PM from Engineering Institutes of Ramna.

We know that’s C & A Textile Ltd ipo subscription opening date was 09th November 2014 and subscription closing date was on 13 November 2014 for General. Non Bangladeshi Residential ipo subscription opening date was 09th November 2014 and NRB closing date was on 22 November 2014.

The initial public offering (IPO) of the shares allotted to applicants at the receiving end of the application in C & A Textiles Limited Lottery draw on December 11, will be held on Thursday. The company’s CFO Jamaluddin Patwari ensure this news. He also said, the day of the lottery draw on the company remain Ramna Institution of Engineers (IEB) of the Seminar will be held at 10 am in the morning.

Against of 45 crore from investors in the company’s IPO 868 crore 90 lakh 67 thousand Taka or 19.30 times the application has been submitted. In general, Affected and Mutual Fund’s investors from collected 865 crore 71 lakh and 7 thousands Taka and Non Bangladeshi Residential to collected 3 crore 19 lakh & 60 thousands Taka collectd by this ipo.

This company from share market collected 4 crore 50 lakhs Taka for total 45 crore share has distributed in Bangladeshi stock Exchange. For this per share value was 10.00 Taka and this share market lot was 500.
Money raised from the IPO, the company stock through a bank loan to pay the cost of the building and construction sector will spend IPO. IPO of the company are responsible for the issue of management AFC Capital Limited and Imperial Capital Limited.

C & A Textile Limited at a glance:
C & A Textile Ltd Market Lot : 500
C & A Textile Face value : Tk.10 (per share)
C & A Textile total market lot : Tk.5000
C & A Textile Total Shares : 4.5 Crore
General Public 54,000 lot and Apply : 12,25,006
Affected 18,000 Lot and apply : 1,29,830
NRB 9,000 Lot and apply: 87,714
Mutual Fund 9,000 Lot and apply: 3,77,764
EPS: TK. 1.78
NAV: TK. 18.38

Today will be published C & A Textile Limited ipo lottery result and this lottery draw will held at 10.00 AM and may be the lottery results will be published at a time in 12.00 PM. Who are investitors this company of shares they are gets the results by Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange website, the companies official website and various online blogs in Bangladesh.

Bank/Branch code
General Public
Mutual Fund
Refund Warranty

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