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National Film Award 2012 in Bangladesh

National Film Award is the most important of Bangladeshi film industry and media world in Bangladesh. November in 2013 will be give National Film Award 2012 in Bangladeshi as Bangladeshi film skilled. Recently National Film Award authority was announced National Film Award selection round and next November will be give National Film Award 2012. National… Continue reading »

Dallywood Award ceremony in New York-2013

Dallywood Award ceremony in New York was inhabited cities in North America have started with the notion of speculation. The last book in the waiting room held on Sunday,7th April . Queens York College celebrities from the world of big aditoriyam evening was hosted  silver star invite the viewer to the artist Noushin and Chancal… Continue reading »

60th Indian National Film Awards announced-2013

Indian National Film award-2013 was very vast stage making for Indian National Film award. The best Indian films of sharnakamol Award as the ‘Pan Singh Tomar’ of 2012. Regional Director Kaushik Ganguly Bengali film received the Best movie Award for ‘Shabdho’. Delhi at a press conference on Monday to announce the recipients of the 60th… Continue reading »

Nabhanita Kaur Winner 50th Miss India Contest-2013

50th the Miss India contest-2013 winning the crown isolated in Chandigarh Nabhanita Kaur Dhilana. It was the first runner-up in Mumbai sabita Dhulipala. The second runner-up crown with Afroza Jaya  Model daughter. Whole full of beautiful places from the fighting in the final list of contestants 23. They are among the best of the three… Continue reading »