Dhaka University Ga Unit Admission Test Result 2014-15

By   September 4, 2014

Dhaka University (DU) C (GA) unit admission test result, question out, question solve and seat plan 2014-15 gets here.  A rumor that Dhaka University GA unit MCQ admission test question already has been published. I think, it’s a fake news for Dhaka University GA unit applicants.

Tomorrow (5/09/2014) to be held Dhaka University GA Honours first year admission exam. GA unit exam will be University admission authority already published GA unit seat plan their official website. Applicants their seat plan known by Dhaka University website- www.du.ac.bd.

Which applicants of Dhaka University Ga unit for all a update news that’s, if Dhaka University Ga unit admission test question out then we try to published here or if any update news about of GA unit admission questions. Tomorrow (5th September 2014) if we gets Dhaka University GA unit question then we try to solve this questions and published here.

Dhaka University Business Studies means GA/C unit. The unit total question are 100 and total MCQ marks are 120. Every wrong answer for minus 0.24 marks. So applicants guys be careful for answers. I think your chance to be depends on yours answers of correct or wrong.

DU C unit question solve Set- A
1.b 2.e 3.b 4.b 5.c 6.a 7.d 8.d 9.e 10.c 11.c 12.d 13.e 14.c 15.e 16.c 17.e 18.b 19.e 20.b 21.d 22.c 23.d 24.e 25.e
1.d 2.b 3.a 4.a 5.b 6.a 7.b 8.e 9.d 10.b 11.d 12.b 13.a 14.c 15.b 16.d 17.e 18.a 19.a 20.d 21.c 22.d 23.b 24.b 25.a
1.c 2.a 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.d 7.b 8.c 9.b 10.e 11.e 12.d 13.d 14.d 15.c 16.b+c 17.d 18.a 19.a 20.a 21.d 22.c 23.c+e 24.b 25.d
Principles Of Business:
1.b 2.d 3.e 4.d 5.d 6.d 7.c 8.c 9.d 10.b 11.e 12.a 13.c 14.a 15.e 16.e 17.d 18.d 19.b 20.a 21.b 22.a 23.b 24.e 25.a

And all unit question solve:  Dhaka University Ga Unit Admission Test Result 2014-15 E-2

How to question of Dhaka University GA unit admission test 2014-15. Below given question distribution:
Bangla- 30
English- 30
Accounting- 30
Management- 30 = Total- 120 Marks.

Ga unit seat plan 2014

And for A level question distributions are:
English (Compulsory)- 30
Advanced English (Compulsory)- 30
Business Studies- 30
Accounting- 30 = Total- 120 Marks.

DU GA unit Result 2014-15

Dhaka University GA unit total seats are 1170. But applicants must be obtained English for 12 and total 48 marks. Otherwise applicants will be counted failed. Firstly university authority will be published first admission result. Which passed only they are chance admit GA unit as 8 departments.

Every years a rumor to be declared before admission test exam that’s Dhaka University admission test questions is out. One class peoples published the rumor. But it is the fake news to applicants guys. They try to confused of applicants.

Every year we try to published correct answer when end of admission exam. In this year we try to published unit wise question solve here. If you wants to know your correct answer then visits our site and you can comments our facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/Cinejalsha.

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