Ekushe Boimela 2015

By   January 29, 2015

1st February 2015 is started on Ekhushe Boimela or 21 shey book fair. The book fair is continue 1 month. The 21 shey book fair held location is Bangla Academy courtyard. In this year book fair is very special and significant. Because February is the very significant month of every nation in all Bengalis.

21st book fair is the universal festival in Bangladesh. In all book lovers people’s come in the book fair stall and they are bought many books. In this year a lot of stalls arrangement for this occasion of ekushe boimela. Bangladesh police and the administration of Bangladesh all times on duty here. Because avoid any clashes and crimes.

The prime minister in Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina opening ceremony in this festivals. 1st February 2015 may be 03.00 PM she opening this festivals.

21st book fair main features:
1. Modernized book stall.
2. Book stall decoration is digitized.
3. All times stay on administration.
4. Set up here CCTV camera.
5. Newly books

In this book fair has different books. As poems, novels, autobiography, tourists books, environment books and others books. The books price rate in this year not changeable than last years. Whole the month (February 2015) coming in book fair many books. Last year the highest sales books were novels and poems.

Last year writer & cinema specialist Humayun Ahmed’s novel was the highest sellers writer in last Ekushe boimela. Last year he has been died. In this year his many of books coming in boimela. Actually his most of the books publishers was Onno Prokasha Publications.

Humayun Ahmed’s popular books are Hijibiji, Aguner Poroshmoni, Diyal, Pasti Neel Padma, Nandito Naroke, Himu Series, Fehra, Shey AShey Dhire, Ural ponkhi, Kothao Keo Nei, Estation, others novels, poems and others books. His last written books was Kathpencil.

Inside of Oldest and popular writers in this book fair coming in many new books. Book fair authority said to us, in this year book fair will be different’s than others years book fair fairs. The book fair will be telecast various Satellite Television channels form afternoon.

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