Farooki Bangla Movie Piprabidya By Sheena Chohan

By   October 6, 2013

Piprabidya is a new upcoming Bangla movie of Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. He is a legend Drama and film director in Bangladeshi film and media world. Piprabidya bangla movie starring by Indian actress Sheena Chohan, Nur Imran, Mukit Jakaria, Sabbir Likhon, Mouhini Mou and others. Piprabidya movie produced by Impress Telefilms Limited and Chhabial and it’s making under the banner of Chhabial and Impress Telefilms Limited. Farooki Bangla Movie Piprabidya By Sheena Chohan

In a first time Sheena Chohan acted, who is a bangla film in Bangladeshi movie. On the other hands Mostafa Sarwar Farooki’s his upcoming bangla movie Piprabidya done acting BPL girl or Indian famous actress Sheena Chohan. Not only Sheena Chohan but also in this movie acted Bangladeshi actors Nur Imran, Mukit Jakaria, Sabbir Likhon and Mouhini Mou and more others.

Mostafa Sarwar Farooki is a famous and very popular director, screenplay and screenwritten in Bangladesh. Mostafa Sarwar Farooki movie means get a well done movie of his fans. His many had bangla movie in Bangladesh. His popular movie were Bachelor 2003, Made in Bangladesh 2007, Third Person Singular Number 2009 and last released movie was Television.

Piprabidya movie plot is centralized a young boy, who lives a middle class family. Who is dreams a high level lives and he wants a high life there no crisis. Totally we called his depicts, depression, frustration and goals for his future life is the main issue Piprabidya movie plot. Now see this movie our few months wait.

Mostafa Sarwar Farooki together to make three films announced a few days ago. The movie of Piprabidya shooting captured already was completed in his in three movie. In the international film area is associated with the film. Piprabidya movie CO-Production market selected for Asia Project marketing. Mostafa Sarwar Farooki said, Co-production market is a construction making movie market. This is not a movie.Sales Agent, Co – producer, Festival programmers and distributors in the market to be associated with the movie or the movie is what is important to get the idea about new movie. This year, 30 films have been selected Asian Project Market is one of the piparabidya. In the end of this year or early next year will piparabidya movie theaters.

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