Ghete Gho(2013) Comedy Movie Firstlook & Reviews

By   April 1, 2013

Ghete Gho is an exceptional romantic comedian Indian bangle movie. Indian Bengali cinema to creating a more prosperous day by day. The movie is a romantic comedy Ghete Gho-2013. The romantic comedy hero better known as Jishu sengupta. Indian Bengali film industry is now the most popular star.Ghete Gho(2013) Comedy Movie Firstlook & Reviews, image, photo gallery

Managed by the famous Nill murkhaji Ghete Gho film. He is known primarily as a director of comedy movies. One of his other comedy movies Abhar Bhomkash, Bye Bye Bangkok and cyapalin. This is an exceptional movie from his other comedy movies. Where the comedy found another level. The Movie Rudranill and Kanchan Mullick acting in different dimensions.

After a long day back at Comedy Movie Actress Arpita Pal popular Indian Bengali film. All of the images will be chemistry otherwise. The audience will be able to complete the entertainment.

Ghete Gho is an upcoming comedy movie. This movie will be released at 2013. Ghete Gho movie directed by Neel Mukherjee and music directed by Indradeep Dasgupta. Recently he done music of Kanamachi(2013), Hawa Badol(2013) and 3Kanya(2012).

Ghete Gho(2013) movie reviews:
Movie name: Ghete Gho
Director: Neel Mukherjee
Music director: Indradeep Dasgupta
Genre: Comedy
Starring by: Jishu Sengupta, Indranill Ghosh, Kanchan Mullick and Arpita Pal.
Language: Bengali
Country: India
Release date: 2013

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