Hamid Fabrics Ipo Result 2014

By   October 30, 2014

Hamid Fabrics Ltd ipo lottery result published or declared on 30 0cotber 2014 at 12.00 PM (The source of Hamid Fabrics Limited Official website). The ipo lottery result will be published from Engineering Institutes at Ramna. We are try to published this result right 12.00 PM when Hamid Fabrics Limited published their ipo lottery result. The ipo lottery result also published DSE or CSE.

Hamid Fabrics Limited to gets ipo permission last August 2014. And their share submission was started on last 28 September 2014 and the ipo submission was last dates on 28 October 2014. And Non Residential Bangladeshi Hamid Fabrics ipo share submission was last date on 11th October 2014.

Hamid Fabrics Limited is the most popular economical companies in our country. Their business sector are very spacious and their others products are- Twill, Canvas, Oxford, Rib Stop, Rib Cord, Ottoman, Herringbone etc. The companies journey was started on from 1996. We called that the company making their position in Bangladeshi market in a short times. Now the company is stay in strong position than others economical companies in our country.

Hamid Fabrics Limited ipo:
Total Market lot : 200 shares
Total lots: 1,50,000
Per share Face Value : 10.00 Taka
per share Offering Price : 35.00 Taka
per share Premium : 25.00 Taka
Earning Per Share (EPS) : 5.58 Taka (June 30, 2014)
NAV : 46.78 Taka
General Public lots: 90,000
Affected Investors lots: 30,000
Non Residential Bangladeshi: 15,000 lots
Mutual Fund total lots: 15,000

Initial public Offering (IPO) shares allotted to investors after taking the application Hamid Fabrics Ltd Lottery Draw will be held on October 30, Thursday. Company Secretary Din Islam to ensure the information. He also said, at 10 am on the day of the IPO lottery draw to be held at the Institute of Engineering is located in the capital Ramna.

Bank Branch Code
General Public
Affected Investors
Mutual Fund
Refund Warrant

From September 28, October 2014 the company’s IPO application is accepted. It was an opportunity for Non Residential Bangladeshi for until 11 October 2014. The companies 891 crore Taka or 8 attributed IPO application submitted. In general, affected and mutual fund sector total 846 crore 14 millions & 4 thousands and NRB total 45 crore 50 millions taka collected this company by this share from Bangladeshi market.

Hamid Fabrics Ltd company got ipo permission by BSEC’S 524TH board meeting. This permission as the company application was opening 28 September 2014 and closing date was on 28 October 2014. This company collected this money cost their various sector as construction, paid of bank loans others developments sectors.

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