Hridoye 71 Bangla Movie By Emon And Rumana

By   December 4, 2013

Hridoye 71 2014 is an upcoming liberation war plot bangla movie. The movie leads character starring by Emon and Rumana. The movie directed by Sadek Siddique and produced by Anandabazar Multimedia. The movie whole plot is liberation and new generations. Hridoye 71 Bangla Movie By Emon And Rumana

Sadek Siddique directed by new liberation bangla movie Hridoye 71 is conducting in March 2014. In capital city Dhaka various locations, Uttara and Kartikpur village in Dohar has been shoot this movie. In an interview the director said, “to awaken young people, with a view to promoting the horrors of war in 71, that’s reason made Hridoye 71 bangla liberation movie.

Hridoye 71 is the first liberation war bangla movie of Emon and Rumana. Before not works in liberation war movie. Emon said, the movie is my career best movie. I am very proud because acting in liberation movie. Rumana said, it’s a exceptional feelings and i feel better acting in this movie.

Movie plot:
Hridoye 71 bangla film depicts the story of the great liberation around a heroine name is Mollicka. Ideology and the war with the Liberation war chest she comes back to the country after so many years. Mahmud’s house became a war-time colleagues and love people. Mahmud now businessmen. Mahmoud widower living with his two niece Riya and Priya. Riya and Priya are martyred family’s son. During the war, their mother – father loses. Their parents was brutally killed by occupation forces. Mama Mahmud ideal of liberation they grow fat. People love Ria and Priya learning in university, the name Reza and Shagor. Mallika sounds of a new generation of war struggles of life. Of freedom and the Razakars. Rajakaramukta Bangladesh took oath of building Riya, Reza, Priya and Shagor.

At a glance:
Movie name: Hridoye 71
Directed by: Sadek Siddique
Produced by: Anandabazar Multimedia
Story by: Rokheya Islam
Screenplay & Dialogue by: Mirza Rakib
Casting by: Emon, Rumana, Anna, Shagor, Saif Khan, Rakhi, Shahidul Islam Sachchu, Hira Asraf Kobir, Abbas Ullah Maruf, Aamir, Udoy Khan, Nishu Rahman and more.
Movie type: Liberation war story
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh
Release date: 29th March 2014.

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