Landslide death reached 2100 in Afghanistan

By   May 3, 2014

Afghan North – East Hill area, a devastating landslide in a remote village of about 2100 people died. The UN says the number of casualties could rise further. It is the memorable landslide of Afghanistan. Many people’s are shelter less and more peoples has died.  Landslide death reached 2100 in Afghanistan

After the Friday rain caused landslides in the North – Badshakhan province before the event occurs. Hundreds of houses collapsed in the mountains of the earth is buried under the stones. Yet there are hundreds of houses buried under mud and rocks there. Rescue underway.

A UN report said yesterday Friday the landslide four thousand people have been left homeless . Now the goal is to rehabilitate them .

Phorotana nayeda Badshakhann provincial governor spokesman told Reuters news agency on Saturday , two of the 100 members of the 300 run family all died . Tajikistan, China and Pakistan is located in a remote province of Badshakhan.

Afghan north – east landslide death toll has been reported at 2100 . The BBC report said that three hundred had been killed. Thousands more were missing after the incident . UN and local officials , the BBC reported on Friday, citing news agency . Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province on Saturday, a government official was killed in a landslide at 1 hundred people have been confirmed . Provincial governor spokesman said naida pharotana , three- section 1 sayerao more people have died in the family . More than four thousand people in the house – the house that the United Nations has lost .

Remote Badakhshan province on Friday after heavy rains in some parts of the mountain collapsed on a village casualties were read . Meanwhile rescuers reached the scene and are attempting to rescue survivors trapped Chronicle . Ayaz phajaludena Badakhshan province police commissioner told the BBC hundreds of families in 15 houses in the village landslide haragu – Home of mud and rocks buried below.

Recently Afghan north – eastern half hundred people died in flash floods after the country fell back in the face of natural disasters. The UN mission in Afghanistan said in a statement on Friday, 350 people were killed in a landslide and houses – many people have lost homes. Dhansastupe helping rescue trapped under the UN mission.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, local officials say, thousands of people still missing in a landslide . In addition, nearly a thousand houses – houses destroyed . Rescuers say enough grubber Excavations rescue people trapped there .

Badakhshan province police chief says phajiluddina hire , they are now giving attention to people displaced by landslides due to survival . He said those who are buried alive or killed because there is now a way to retrieve them . So now to help those who are alive and we were displaced .

Reports from the BBC’s correspondent in Kabul , Afghanistan, in the region of the world’s poorest neighborhoods . Remote as it may take a week to get the details of the damage . According to the BBC correspondent , the Badakhshan region is still raining and there is the risk of more landslides .

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