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National university is the biggest educational institute in our country.This university was established in 1992.Till then this educational institute goes on.The president of Bangladesh Dr. Abdul Hamid is the current chancellor of National University and professor Harun-or-Rashid is the vice chancellor of the National university.

This institution help the students doing honours and masters course along with master degree course. This university is remain under all the government employee and the university is also run by the government. All the employee is paid more than twenty thousands (20,000) Taka each for their duty and responsibility towards the university.

The university has 2000 employee as academic stuff and 1800 employee as admin stuff in total the university has abou 3800 stuff. The main branch of the national university located at Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh which campus is in urban areas. This university plays a vital role to education a huge number of student.

Till year 2013 about 10 lakhs student study there. The number of student to read in national university is so much as a result the university got the prestige for being 5th largest university in the world.National university bearing the nick name (nub) have the famous even in foreign countries.This institution also plays a very important role by giving the student opportunity to continue their study.

Because the number of student is increasing gradually and as a huge number of student able to engage their and complete their graduation. But the main key factor of this university is it took a bit more time to complete it’s graduation. In other university it took less time than national university. This is why many student are not keen to take in national university.

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In fair year honoures course it took about six year to finish the course. The main reason for this delay in political affair and the unconsciousness of the authority. Student reading here often engage themselves in political and sometimes they also create clash each other for political means. Besides the concerned authority are not always aware of their duty.

Measures have to take to uprooted those problems otherwise national university will lose it’s fame forever. So it is our duty and responsibility to remove these obstacles and do some favor for the betterment of national university.

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