Nokia Android “Normandie” In March 2014

By   February 11, 2014

Nokia latest version upcoming mobile phone Nokia X android ” Normandie”. The new Nokia brand mobile coming on Market in this years in March 2014. It’s an latest version phone in Nokia brand.

Nokia is finally coming to market with Android phones ‘ X ‘ . Recently Nokia users fell several undermine long , having the Nokia Android version . Nokia Windows Phone in the market for a long time , but it was not enough demand . The company has lost the consumer . Nokia ‘ X ‘ as an Android -based smartphone at affordable prices is going to come in the month of March . Nokia smartphones is called ‘ Normandy ‘.

Nokia Android smartphones in Indonesia and Malaysia already have received approval for sale in the market that have been raised in various reports. Nokia to create a ‘X’ may be a number of smartphone models RM -980. The model number of the certificate issuing authority in Malaysia and Indonesia has seen the benchmark list. Nokia Android "Normandie" In March 2014

One officer said Nokia India, Nokia X smartphone can read in the series. Dual-SIM Nokia X smartphone market as manipulate could come to market with a Windows phone.

As smartphone data has phamsakari Iv licks name of the Twitter account . According Iv licks , Nokia X smartphones larger than four inches . Customized version of the Android operating system will have to kitkate . Dual- core processors will be behind the five -megapixel camera facility smartphone . In addition to Nokia’s own apps will support Android applications . ‘ X ‘ name in smartphone technology – with the cry While it has not officially released any information on Nokia .

According to the experts, resulting in a decline in sales of Windows Phone Nokia company with several bipartite parochial. Playing Android phone at the company’s sleeve. Used in many Nokia gave up, not just because the Android version. The phone will boost the market again, analysts say.

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