Channel I Shera Kantho singer Imran’s second Album’Tumi’

Imran is a name who is name involved with song world in Bangladesh. Channel I Best vocalist singer Imran is now a choose of new generation and modern singer. He is a talent singer in present time. His upcoming album name is”Tumi”. It’s the second single album of his. He said, I done this album’s… Continue reading »

Sanjay Dutta Sentenced 5 Years

Update News Of Sanjay Dutta Sanjay Dutta is a popular Bollywood super star. At present his name involved by with terrorist attacked. Indian Supreme Courts last Wednesday (20-03-2013) give submit decision Sanjay Dutta get five years sentenced by act of weapons. Sanjay Dutta accused keep on  invalid weapons of your house.Courts said, in fours week… Continue reading »

Shuddhi(2014) Hindi Movie Reviews

10 years after having appeared together big screen on two popular Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Karan Johar  new upcoming movie”Shuddhi” pair up acting them. The movie of the body responsible for managing production Karan Malhotra.The choice of the central role list of Kareena and Deepika Padhukone. This alluring women’s role in the… Continue reading »

Koel Jishu Film Bangal Ghoti Phataphati(2013)

Legendary Bengali film actor Ranjit Mullick’s daughter Tollywood super queen and Paglu fame heroine Koel Mullick. She is now busy to bengali film. She is the most popular in both bangla than others Tollywood heroine. Coming soon her upcoming comedy bengali film “Bangal Ghoti Phataphati” with Jishu Sengupta. 2013 first side Koel Mullick was married… Continue reading »

Bangla Movie”Ontore Ontore” Remake by Nirob & Amrita

The film’s best pair up Salman Shah and mousumi starring by “Ontore Ontore” are going to be remake again. The young film makers Atik Rahman by going to manage. Newly acting in the movie Ontore Ontore model, actor Nirob and newcomer Amrita Khan.   Remake the film Atik Rahman by the end of March pubaile… Continue reading »