Paglagarod Bengali Movie Reviews

By   December 24, 2013

Paglagarod is Bengali movie of 2014. It’s an social drama Bengali movie. It’s movie directed by Anhsuman. The film main casting by Rajatava Dutta and Rahul Bandoapadhyay. It’s movie script by Gautam Susmit.Paglagarod Bengali Movie Reviews

Paglagarod is an upcoming social drama Bengali movie. It’s movie starring by Rajatava Dutta, Rahul Bandopadhyay, Dev shankar Halder, Rajesh Sharma, Shohini Paul and more. Rajatava Duta and Rahul Bandopadhyay first Bengali movie is “Paglagarod”.

Rajatava Dutta said, my character is the film’s sense of loony-bin. I’ve played a lot of So far as – a gangster, a good man, drunk and played by monster character. But is the first time playing by a mad character. My character completely exceptional. So this character playing a big challenge with me.

Rahul Bandopadhyay said, Mad character is the playing first time. My character is a boy of being a fool. I have not played any of these before. At first I was very worried about his character. I should be able to portray the character? But after reading the script do not be forfeited. That’ll do. Above all, I hope the audience will like all types of movies.

Anshuman the loony-bin blown happiness laughter movies. But the film has a meaningful issues. There are some social messages in the movie off-course. After being forced to think people will find that watching movies. Here are some of the messages, but have not quite comedy movie for viewers.

Movie plot:
The film name is “Paglagarod”. The film made ​​an average of around two mad. They chase the taste of home in a Mental Hospital in the city of shelter. Rajatava Dutta and Rahul were the two rails. And there are many interesting events occur. What is the all harassed. The movie has been made ​​about the two stories.

At a glance:
Movie name: Paglagarod
Directed by: Anhsuman
Written by: Gautam Susmit
Genre: Social drama
Casting by: Rajatava Dutta, Rahul Bandopadhyay, Dev shankar Halder, Rajesh Sharma, Shohini Paul and more.
Language: Bengali
Country: India

Shooting locations:
Pagalgarod Bengali movie shooting locations are Kolkata and it’s inside.

Release date:
Kolkata upcoming Bengali movie”Paglagarod” may be released date on 2014 mid time in Kolkata and others place.

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