Probashir Prem Bangla movie By Nirob And Peya Bipasha

By   December 11, 2013

Probashir Prem 2014 is an romantic Bangladeshi Bangla movie starring by Bangladeshi model and film actor Nirob and hot ramp model Pey Bipasha. They are the main character in this movie. The film directed by Ahmed Ali Mandal. Probashir Prem Bangla movie By Nirob And Peya Bipasha

Probashir Prem romantic and drama based upcoming movie starring by Nirob, Peya Bipasha, Omar Sani, Aman and more. Through this movie Bangladeshi Film Industry will get a new paired Nirob and Peya Bipasha. Probashir Prem is the first Bangladeshi movie, which shooting done South Africa’s various locations.

Movie plot:
Probashir Prem  movie the story can be seen Nirob and Peya are both of expatriate Bangladeshis. They work in a hotel in Africa. Amateur photographer, as well as Nirob. But while working together in a love relationship develops between the two. Starting at one time is clash and conflict about of their love. Dramatic story of the movie goes.

Probashir Prem bangla movie has been in discussions not only Bangladesh but also in Africa. The Herald newspaper has published a report on about its. The report praised the Bangladeshi movie Probashir Prem. Alongside the heroine of the movie Peya Bipasha also called. Ramp model and beautiful as Prya Bipasha around the world mentioned that there is a separate identity.

At a glance:
Movie name: Probashir Prem
Directed by: Ahmed Ali Mandal
Genre: Romantic
Casting by: Nirob, Peya, Omor Sani, Aman and more
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh

Shooting locations:
Probashir Prem bangla movie shooting locations are Johannesburg, Durban, Port, Elizabeth  and Capetown in South Africa and Bangladesh.

Release date:
Probashir Prem Bangladeshi bangla movie shooting was started on December 10 2013. The film will be released on 2014.

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