Psy Second Song ” Gentleman “

By   May 2, 2013

Gentleman is the new and second song of popular South Korean singer Psy. His first song was ” Gangnam Style ” song. This song was the most popular song in 2012.Psy Second Song " Gentleman "


Finally, a breath of relief can agree Psy. ‘Gangnam Style’ rapid popularity after the comments started, Psy is only a hits music artist . The second worry was that the South Korean single song released before. However, on April 12, 2013 Gentleman ‘Psy in peace after his release. He said,’ I had the most awful week! ‘

Which one? But why? Listen to the Psy said, on April 12 song was released. The concert was held on 13 April, 2013 in Korea. The Monday and Tuesday were shooting the video. Finished shooting on Tuesday. We’ve edited Wednesday and Thursday. In the end, many details have to adjust.

What is disturbing is that ‘everything again after the song was released checkmate. This week, the UK is number 10 on the Billboard Hot handrede ‘Gentleman. There are five in number in USA. The YouTube video has been viewed more than 3 cores.

Psy is an hot singer name in the whole world. He has worked in the popularity of a song. Today he is known throughout the world and his country of song lovers. His first song was “Gangnam Style”. Gangnam Style song was released  on 2012.

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