Rupgoual new bangla movie

By   April 21, 2013

Uncut certificate of sensors and Director  and Story writer Habibur Rahman Habib of the first movie Rupgoual. Director Habibur Rahman Habib said, I have a lot of trouble to create the movie. Like every member movie sensor board and therefore I am very happy.Rupgoual new bangla movie

However, for those who create the movie that the visitors doing like more if you go to see the film. The director of the mental movie of oparai choice to continue with the story. The film, starring one of the orphan boy that the super hero Niloy is a man ventricle. In contrast to most of Shimla. This refers to the ventricle, too think that this film anakata pass Anu. Another good movie visitors will see.

Audience every request, if you see the film. Shimla said, the movie is a good story. I’ve made every effort to make your character enhanced. _ Champa are played by people who have seen more, Masum Aziz, Debasish verdict, Anwar Sahi. ‘Roots in film, produced rupagaoyala film is likely to release in the month of May in the year of the film’s director.

Movie name: Rupgoual
Director: Habibur Rahman Habib
Type: Drama
Cast: Champa, Niloy, Shimla and more
Language: Bangla

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