Strongest Storm Typhoon Nuri May be Assailed Again 2014

By   November 3, 2014

May be super Typhoon Nuri and Vongfong again assailed The Ocean basin, the south of Japan and US few parts. Hope that’s the typhoon creates a news records. One moth ago typhoon Nuri removes here. One month later the typhoon again comes on and may assailed.  Strongest Storm Typhoon Nuri May be Assailed Again 2014

Weather reports called that’s After rapidly intensifying, Super Typhoon Nuri may be Sunday to rival, the ocean and beat the milestone. For this typhoon weather offices conscious about the typhoon storms. They are also said, the storm or typhoon is the last top 30 most intense and creates such storms on record.

May be Sunday the typhoon Nuri and super typhoon Vongfong rapidly intensify on Sunday to rival and that’s time is 3rd November 2014 at 12.26 AM. By Satellite stations we know that’s the Typhoon Nuri’s wind will be assailed and the storms exactly locations are the west ocean, the open ocean, the hundreds miles area of South Japan and northeast. And the storm moving out to sea before hitting land, populations locations and others places. The storms winds of per hours 180 miles.


Meteorological department warning has been taken in terms of increments. To people’s has been requested for taking the safe harbor. What will be the amount of damages it has asked everyone to think carefully before you do. The American army Navy has taken due care and rescue work, especially for whole teams are conscious.

The super Typhoon Nuri is the most strongest storm than others storm in this year of USA. So a additional care nees accept to this Typhoon. As Government and Non-Governments has been taken already various steps and Meteorological department every times updates about the strongest Typhoons Nuri.


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