The Bastard Child Hindi Movie By Raima Sen

By   December 10, 2013

The Bastard Child 2014 is an upcoming dramatic war Hindi movie. The film based on Bangladeshi liberation war 1971 plot. The film leading character playing by Raima Sen and Indraneil Sengupta. The film central role playing by Raima Sen. She is the main focus in this Hindi movie.  The Bastard Child Hindi Movie By Raima Sen

The Bastard Child Hindi movie directed by Mrithunnjoy Devbroto and the film starring by Raima Sen and her opposite character playing by Indraneil Sengupta. Raima Sen said he spoke with journalists in the context of acting and movies.

Raima said about the movie, “A large number of Bangladeshi women by the Pakistan army during the war created a film about the story of the rape. Where rape was used as a weapon. Involves three – four separate stories are ultimately converted into a single story.”

The first story in the movie, the father advised of a family journey from rural Bangladesh direction is shown. On the other hands a journalist became a guerrilla fighter. His wife’s life story into a major movie events of the story and rape camps.

Raima said, so we’re shooting at night 21 day. I never saw the light of day at. I could feel the pain of an abused woman. I had a very difficult role. His body language and eye gaze to portray me. How to use rape as a weapon in the battle, but they have come out to the movies.

At a glance:
Movie name: The Bastard Child
Directed by:  Mrityunjay Devvrat
Based on: Liberation war 1971 in Bangladesh
Casting by: Raima Sen, Indraneil Sengupta, Fahrook Sheikh, Victor Banerjee, Pobon Malhotra and more.
Language: Hindi
Country: India

Shooting locations:
The Bastard Child Hindi liberation war movie shooting locations were West Bengal, insides of Dehli and Haryana.

Release date:
The Bastard Child Hindi movie will be released on may be 27th December 2013.

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