Three Illegal New Bangla Movie

By   October 27, 2013

Three Illegal is a realistic movie. Where the expatriate Bengali’s in Britain has highlighted troubles in Figure. The film managed by British citizens of Bangladeshi descent Aminul Islam Bappi. It’s film starring by Champa, Ferdous, Nipun, Shimla, Anisur Rahman Milon and Shahidul Islam saccu. It’s an tragic depends film. Three Illegal New Bangla Movie

Economically prosperous countries in the developed world, especially in Britain every year millions of people travels to live. Most of them live there illegally, year after year. The get is a valid ticket citizenship . The time to fight is illegal residence life and property safety. To enjoy the mental anguish. The number of illegal immigrants in Britain is increasing day by day. We have a significant number of immigrants from Bangladesh.

The film begins shooting in December and will play the role of UK artists in the film besides starring by Bangladeshi artists are Champa, Ferdous, Nipun, Shimla, Anisur Rahman Milon and Shahidul Islam saccu.

Abot this film Aminul Islam Bappi said, “From an early age I stopped living in the illegal Bangladeshis people in London life is very trouble that has always troubled me anguish. So the film must have taken initiatives to find a remedy. Believe me, after watching the movie illegally residing in the UK Bangladesh will be more aware.”

In this movie actress Champa said, i will play a Indian women role in this movie. So i am very serious to this movie. My language is Hindi in this movie. For this reason that, it’s a big challenge for me. Ferdous also said, we expected Three Illegal movie will be a well done film not only Bangladesh but also internationally.

Note that,in the next year “Three Illegal” movie World Premier will be held. December 2013 Three Illegal movie shooting captured will be started and this movie released date may be next year middle period.

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