Time Machine (2014) Shakib Khan And Airin Bangla Movie

By   February 8, 2014

In a first time Dhallywood super star Shakib Khan and hot ramp model Airin Sultana starring a new movie name title is Time Machine. Time Machine is a child Bangla movie. It’s movie directed by popular director Delwer Jahan Jontu’s son Saimon Jahan. It’s an debuted directorial Bangla movie of his.

Time Machine movie based on superhero and science fiction movie. The movie starring by Shakib Khan, Airin Sultana, Ratna, Topu, Modhu Moni, Alvi, Eamin, Prathona, Dany Sidak, Shajid and more others. It’s movie based on four child’s. They are Modhu Moni, Alvi, Eamin and Prathona. Dany Sidak and his son Shajid playing a speacial character. It’s the first Bangla movie of Shajid. Dany Sidak playing role name is Tarzan and his sons playing by Hercules character.

Shakib Khan and Airin Sultana is the first paired up movie is Time Machine. Airin Sultana character name is Juli and Shakib Khan playing by Alien role. I n a first time Shakib Khan playing a role, which character is very different s. He lives in alien world. Incidentally he came in real world. Time Machine movie image

Modhu Moni, Alvi, Eamin and Prathona are studying in a school. In summer vacations they are together going to Cox’s Bazar. There guides have Ratna and Airin Sultana. One day child’s going to forest and find out a injured man. They are try escape danger help to his. But they aren’t known he is a alien. Alien character playing by Shakib Khan. Alien satisfied there hospitality, for this reason he gift there a time machine. Through the machine they are going to oters world. They are going to Tarzan and Hercules world. That is the central story of this movie.

At a glance:
Movie name: Time Machine
Directed by: Saimon Jahan
Written by: Delwar Jahan Jontu
Casting by: Shakib Khan, Airin Sultana, Ratna, Topu, Modhu Moni, Alvi, Eamin, Prathona, Dany Sidak, Shajid and more others.
Genre: Childish science fiction movie
Music by: Anwar Jahan Jontu
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh

Time Machine Bangla movie music directed by Anwar Jahan Jontu. Four songs have in this movie. It’s movie playback singer is the most popular in Bangladesh. The movie playback singer are Akhi Alamgir, Shohel and more.

Time Machine Bangla movie shooting is already started and continue. It’s movie shooting locations are Dhaka Uttara, BFDC, Cox’s Bazar and more others charming location. It’s movie released date may be in this year last time in Bangladeshi Cinema Hall.

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