Bangla Movie Dehorokkhi ( The Bodyguard)

By   April 3, 2013

Bengali movie has created new horizons Iftekhar Chowdhury managed by and Kazi Maruf, Bobby and Anisur Rahman Milon acted film Bodyguard. Bodyguard movie has been created triangle love story. Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard) movie directed by Khoj-The SearchDehorokkhi Bangla Movie By Iftekhar Chowdhury, image,picture

movie fame director Iftekhar Chowdhury and produced by Fatman Films. This movie starring by Kazi Maruf, newcomer Bobby and TV screen familliar face Anisur Rahman Milon.

Bodyguard of a modern romantic movie. The film Anis, Maruf and Bobby’s chemistry at a very nice way. If you drag the movie will help all kinds of audience and make all kinds of audiences in mind. Bangladesh after the release of the film are being released abroad. The film is expected to be very nice way to work abroad.

Modern technology to create a full film Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard). The movie is pretty at all locations have been contain in Bangladesh. Beautiful love songs of all overseas locations has been contained abroad. The film is expected to be passed by area work abroad with success.

Anisur Rahman being the first commercial movie Bodyguard. Prior to his work in film art. Maruf and Bobby with of his first work. However, this is the first work of three. because I did not work with anyone. He said, it depends on whether he is a regular films?

Iftekhar Chowdhury managed by ‘Bodyguard’ film to film a new record for Bangladesh. 12th April to get the film released in 75 cinema has an agreement with. I have one more week. The more of a 25 theatrical release for the film’s producer, said the theater by authorities in Adita. And if it is, it’s theatrical release before 80 said P.A. Kajolmovie “Ek Takar Bou” together over one hundred records the movie’s release will be entitled to Bodyguards.

Adita said, ‘Jazz multimedia cinema with 60 theaters and rain Pictures to 15 done agreement. The film was released in 25 theaters in the provision of projectors themselves. Hopefully, this week we are taking the necessary measures to be able to. ‘ Iftekhar Chowdhury said, ‘We’re right in the movie to get a response. The owner of theatre about this film is sincere enough. If not, we would have less equipment, then maybe we could release at least 50 theaters.

Details of Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard):
Cinema name: Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard)
Director: Iftekhar Chowdhury
Written by: Zaheer Babu
Music by: Adit
Production House: Fatman Films
Starring by: Kazi Maruf, Bobby, Anisur Rahman Milon and more others.
Official Radio Partner: Radio Foorti

Tracklists of Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard):
Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard) movie song composed by Adit. Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard) have six good songs. This movie tracklists songs singer are Nancy, Shoeb, Kona, Adit, Dhola and Parvez. Dehorokkhi (The Bodyguard) bangla movie song name are:
01. Bhalobashi Tomay- Nancy and Adit
02. Jaadu- Kona
03. Maane Na Mon- Kona nad Parvez
04. Shoana- Dhola
05. Tore Khuji- Adit and Shoeb

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