Bob Hoskins has died on 29 April 2014 (Aged 71)

By   May 1, 2014

Popular British film actor and director Bob Hoskins has died last Tuesday (29/04/2014). He was born 26th October 1942 in Bury St Edmunds, West Suffolk, England. He has died when his aged 71. He was coming in media 1969. His debuted film was Up the Front and debuted Television work was Villains. He received many awards his work acknowledgement.  Bob Hoskins has died on 29 April 2014 (Aged 71)

Bob Hoskins was first marriage 1967. His wife name was Jane Livesey (1967-1978) and second marriage time was 1982 and wife nae Linda Banwell. Now she was died. His 4 children. His causes of death attacked by Pneumonia.

Bob Hoskins also was a great music artist. He was known as famous and very popular film director and actor in Hollywood film world. He was his acting career started on 1969 by Unity Theater. He was then a a good and brilliant stage performer.

since 1972 to 2012 he worked in numerous movie.In view of its major tasks:
Upthe Front, The National Health, Royal Flash, Inserts, Zulu Dawn, The Long Good Friday, Pink Floyd Good Friday, The Honorary Consul, Lassiter, The Cotton Club, The Woman Who Married Clark Gable, The Dunera Boys, Brazil, Sweet Liberty, Mona Lisa, A prayer for the Dyimg, The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Raggedy Rawney, Heart Condition, Mermaids, The Favour the Watch and the Very Big Fish, Shattered.

And others movie were Hook, The Inner Circle, Passed Away, Blue Ice, Super Mario Bros, The Big Freeze, Nixon, Balto, Rainbow, The Secret Agent, Michael, Twenty Four Seven, Spiceworld, Cousin Bette, Parting, Shots, Captain Jack, Felicia’s Journey, A Room for Romeo Brass, The White River Kid, David Copperfield, American Virgin, Enemy at the Gates, Last Orders, Where Eskimos Live, Maid in Manhattan, The sleeping Dictionary, Den of Lions, Vanity Fair, Beyond the Sea, Enleashed, Son of the Mask, Mrs Henderson Presents, Stay, Parisje t’aime, The wind in the Willows, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, Hollywoodland, Sparkle, Outlaw, Ruby Blue, Go Go Tales, Doomsday, A christmas Carol, Made in Dagenham, Outside Bet and Snow White and the Huntsman etc.

His Television works were Villains, Ply for today, Crown court, New scottland yard, Thriller, The crezz, Van der Valk, On the move, Flickers, Othello, The Forgotton Toys, Tales from the Crypt, Saturday Night Live, Don Quixtoe, The Lost World, Frasier, The street and Neverland etc.

Maybe today he left the world to his fans but he survived for thousands of years in stay on earth. He survived his job by stay in earth. So best wishes to him on behalf of all the fans.

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