Chuye Dile Mon Bangla Movie By Arefin Shuvo & Momo

By   April 9, 2014

Arefin Shuvo and Zakia Bari Momo is a new paired of Bangladeshi Film Industry. They are singed a new upcoming Bangla movie title is “Chuye Dile Mon”. It’s movie directed by Shihab Shaheen.  Chuye Dile Mon Bangla Movie By Arefin Shuvo & Momo

The paired up together Dhallywood popular hero Arefin Shuvo and actress mom . Movie name Chuye Dile Mon. Shihab Shaheen film makers operate in the textbook. It is the debuted film of his. He is a popular drama director in Bangladesh. His works were most of them Mon foring Er Golpo,Nil Pori Nilanjona,Nil Porjaporti,Monsuba Junction,Valobasi Tai Valobeshe jai and x Factor etc.

Chuye Dile Mon Bangladeshi upcoming Bangla movie starring by Arefin Shuvo, Zakia Bari Momo, Iresh Zaker and more others, which performed this movie. It is the first movie which Iresh Zaker acting.

Shihab Shaheen said, we would start shooting the next movie from the date of May 1. Before that I had built up a budget tele chobi. Telichabitira name ‘Bhalobashi Tai Bhalobeshe Jay”. Arefin it was good. My first film, so I’ll work with Shuvo. And I think everyone will like Momo with Shuvo.

The organization said the story of the movie, a boy and a girl kisorasamaya made ​​friends with. If an accident occurs due to a sudden two of them away from one another. After a long time the boy came back. Find his missing girl friend.

Happy in this regard, said the story of the film has such amazing chemistry. The organization’s brother’s back, I’ve done telichabite. Hopefully the movie everyone will like.

At a glance:
Movie name: Chuye Dile Mon
Directed by: Shihab Shaheen
Produced by: Mon Foring
Casting by: Arefin Shuvo, Zakia Bari Momo, Iresh Zaker, Mishu Sabbir and more.
Music by: Habib Wahid and Sajid
Genre: Romantic
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh

Chuye Dile Mon upcoming movie filming has already done. Director said, Next month May1 2014 will be the fixed time of this movie filming.

Released date:
Chuye Dile Mon Bangladeshi Bangla movie shooting captured will be started on very soon. May this movie released date on 2014 last times.

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