Dev and Koel Bengali movie Awarapan 2013

By   June 19, 2013

Awarapan-2013 is new bengali movie (kolkata). Awarapan is a big budget movie. This movie is full of romance and  Dev and Koel Bengali movie Awarapan 2013

action.Dev and koel mollick,s fan will very enjoy and entertrainerof see this movie. Dev and koel mollick heart thrub super star in bengali film world still now.koel mollick came film world by his father hand . Already estimated 40 bengali movie released of koel mollick. Now she is busy her marriage life and new upcoming movie. Recently she and bengali film producer Nespal singh rane (koel mollick,s husband) are husband and wife. Otherwise 20 movie already released super star dev. Dev and koel mollick,s chemistry is very well. Dev and koel mollick,s paired with six movie were released. They are upcoming together movie – Mafia, Awarapan and Raangbaaz.

Dev and Koel mollick paired with movie
Premer kahini (2008) – Rabi kinagi (director)
Mon maane naa (2008) – Sujit guha (director)
Bolo na tumi amar (2010) – Sujit mondol (director)
Dui prithibi (2010) – Raj chakraborty (director)
Paglu (2011) – Rajib biswas (director)
Paglu 2 (2012) – Sujit mondol (director)

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