Dhallywood Movie Tumi Amar Priyotoma

By   April 8, 2013

Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja new upcoming Dhallywood Bangla movie Tumi Amar Priyotoma. Extra ordinary film story of  Tumi Amar Priyotoma. Twenty century is compatible with a story to make new film Tumi Amar Priyotoma. Tumi Amar Priyotoma movie produced by The Rain Pictures Ltd.Dhallywood Movie Tumi Amar Priyotoma


Tumi Amar Priyotoma is an romantic movie. It’s movie acted by Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja. First time The Rain Pictures Ltd. make Bangla film to Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja. They are now busy undertake song of Tumi Amar Priyotoma movie. Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja stay now Sri Lanka for shooting of Tumi Amar Priyotoma movie.  Also they are busy with a movie Wow Baby Wow.

The movie is based on the story of a boy and girl in love. The two main characters in the story have played Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja. Their love, laughter and joy sadness toward the center of the consequences of the story. Sri Lanka is a beautiful location shooting a movie.

Tumi Amar Priyotoma movie music directed by Jointly are Shawkat Ali Emon, Shafiq Tuhin, Belal Khan and Musfiq Litu.

Movie: Tumi Amar Priyotoma
Producer: The Rain Pictures Ltd.
Cast: Arefin Shuvo and Toma Mirja
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh

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