Dobir Saheber Songsar Bangla Movie By Bappy And Mahiya Mahi

By   September 25, 2013

Dobir Saheber Songsar is an upcoming comedy Bangladeshi Bangla movie. Dobir Saheber Songsar movie starring by in current time popular paired up Mahiya Mahi, Bappy Chowdhury,ASif Imrose and Aliraj etc. It’s movie directed by popular director Zakir Hossain Raju and produced by Jaaz Multimedia. Dobir Saheber Songsar Bangla Movie By Bappy And Mahiya Mahi

Dobir Saheber Songsar is an full comedy bangla movie. It is the fourth paired up bangla movie Bappy Chowdhury and Mahiya Mahi. Their film debtued movie was Bhalobasar Rong by Shaheen Sumon, Onno Rokom Bhalobasa and third movie was Momtazur Rahman Akbar directed by Tubu o Bhalobashi. Their upcoming movie are Ami Tumi Se, Romeo 420 and Dobir Saheber Songsar.

Rose is the newcomer in Bangladeshi film industry. His also known as super hero heroine championĀ  and his position was third. For acting in film he avoid drama and telefilm in TV media. Dobir Saheber Songsar is the second acting movie. His fist acted movie is Mayanagor. Rose play that’s character this character was played young hero Symon Sadik.His role is replacing in this movie. Specially reason Symon Sadik out in this movie. Mention he shoot 15 days in this movie.

Dobir Saheber Songsar movie plot:
Dobir Saheber Songsar is the main subject Dobir Saheber Songsar bangla movie. Dobir Saheber Songsar have two servant is Bappy Chowdhury and Rose. They always competitive each othersĀ  and they think each others enemy. Once upon a times they falls in love inside female servent with Mahiya Mahi. Then started Dobir Saheber Songsar bangla movie attractive climax.

At a glance of Dobir Saheber Songsar Bangla movie:
Movie name: Dobir Saheber Songsar
Director: Zakir Hossain Raju
Produced by: Jaaz Multimedia
Casted by: Mahiya Mahi,Bappy Chowdhury,Asif Imrose,Aliraj and others actor-actress.
Studio: Jaaz Multimedia
Distributed by: Jaaz Multimedia
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh

Dobir Saheber Songsar movie release date:
Dobir Saheber Songsar movie others side have done will be released adte is 2014 first term. And it’s an digitalized different looking movie.

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