Facebook Adds New Mobile Feature Nearby Friends

By   April 20, 2014

Nearby Friends is the new apps or new mobile services of Facebook, which you can search your friends, where you stay now or exactly his/her locations. This is the new era of Facebook. In modern world Facebook is the very important and popular social communication media.  Facebook Adds New Mobile Feature Nearby Friends

Facebook is a social media, which through a man communicates with each others. Day by day Facebook creates new plugins or more mobile apps for easily using Facebook. Nearby Friends is the most of them. Very soon Facebook staring this apps for Facebook users. Through this apps friends can easily find out his/her friends locations.

Facebook is going to introduce a new facility “Nearby Friends”. Who are the owners of Facebook friends, you can know. You can have a group of friends around to chat needs. Facebook IOS and Android apps will be available at the facility. However, to benefit from the ‘Nearby Friends’ option will be introduced. If you want to change settings on the Facebook app will keep the information confidential.  Facebook Adds New Mobile Feature Nearby Friends

Firstly you can activates Nearby Friends apps on your mobile. After you can select a groups which your Facebook friends. You wants to share your locations with their. You can not use this apps with public or your friends to friends. You can use this apps which your group friends or your close friends and yours family members.

Facebook new apps use for else conditions. First condition your mobile must be Android and who search through this apps his and yours distances must be 0.5 miles, 0.7 miles and at last distances is 1.8 miles. So Nearby Friends is the new opportunity of Facebook users. The apps will be opening in the whole world by slowly.  Facebook Adds New Mobile Feature Nearby Friends

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