Hrithik And Suzanne Family Was Broke

By   December 14, 2013

Hrithik Roshan And Suzanne Khan was a happy couple in Bollywood. But the new is now past. Because recently their family was broke. The news source of Hrithik Roshan himself. Their family includes two children. One is Hrehaan Roshan (age-7) and the other being Hridhaan Roshan (age-5). Hrithik And Suzanne Family Was Broke

For the past few days were rumors between Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan marital life. They were denied break up news. Finally, the separation of the 39 years old star actor has confirmed the news. Hrithik said in a statement to reporters, Suzanne 17 years relationship dismantled decided to separate from me. My whole family is passing through a difficult time.

Hrithik said, ‘I’m going to ask everyone journalists, this time with our personal and family life is not too much to edit. I do not like at all, according to our divorce marriage customs of the people with my fans hostility or creature. I have full confidence in the marriage institution. I have seen the organization’s highest honor and respect.

Hrithik Roshan now injured. He is currently in the medical taking. Concern and wishes him a speedy recovery and said a prayer of thanks for the fans of the star of the popular Bollywood actor. In this context, in his commentary, “Thank you very much everyone. I like running medical malfunction. Hopefully, I can get a very quick job and  rhythm back.

In early September Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan was birthday and Suzanne’s birthday party with his parents – mother and brother appeared as guests. Only it is not, although a late ceremony after half hours Suzanne went from there. To leave the matter in his brief appearances and suddenly became many counsels.

Hrithik Roshan And Suzanne can not be guaranteed because of the hardship claim is reported in various media , you’re going to draw an end to the 13 years marriage life . A few days Suzanne leave her husband’s house and she went her father’s house. The couple’s two sons. They will have grandfather with Hrithik . To meet with the mother, even if they occasionally her father’s house, Suzanne did not go at all in Hrithik house for boys.

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