Mangala Cowboy Malaysia Movie Cast By Nirob And Atika

By   July 14, 2013

Mangala Cowboy 2013 is an upcoming Malaysian movie. It,s movie together acted by Bangladeshi hot model and actor superstar Nirob and popular TV and film actress Atika Showmi in Singapore. This movie will relaesed six country and make sub-title six language such as Bengali, Malay, China, Tamil, Thai and Singapore.Mangala Cowboy Malaysia Movie Cast By Nirob And Atika

Malaysia to work left for the 10 June of the models and actors Nirob . Malaysian filmmaker of ‘Prodigy media, entertainment, under the banner of 11 june different locations in Malaysia are shooting to Nirob. It was a week before leaving for Malaysia Nirob all the information about the quality of this film was to tell the world that it’s the final and Actress.

Banglanews in Malaysia on Sunday muthophone Nirob movie ‘Mangala Cowboy’ as the heroine of this film are the most popular heroine atika sohaimi singapurera TV and film. She also said, this film is the acting role of a Cow flows. Who is from Bangladesh to Malaysia to improve the quality of life gechenanijera. The stars Nirob opposite actress atika role as a nurse. Eventually these two people were identified. Pursue the ‘Mangala Cowboy’ stories of romance and tryajika genres.

The name of the film was Nirob ‘Mangala’ was the word ‘bangala from. Meaning of this word Malaysian ‘mother’. The rest of the ‘Mangala Cowboy’ is the name of the final producer – director. More was coming up on July 11th, mangala Cowboy’s shooting started in the whole of Malaysia. The Bengali language film’s producer, Fred and manufacturers are planning to keep a ganao Wii name.

The Malaysian as well as international experience in shooting this film in the quiet of the day – night difference. The rest of the chayadina we’re shooting. Kichurutina is all over. There is no shortage of that. Everyone is very professional. This is serious. Muthophone shooting came hours before it is updated. I’m very good. I’m enajaya.
Also silent, my heroine atika sohaimi masaallaha a co – operative and a great suite. I told him I had to work on the film. She was very interested. But for now, we both ‘mangala Cowboy’ is quite serious.

In the film’s production, with Bengali movielanguage total of 6 sub-title is dabing. Languages ??are Malay, China, Tamil, Thai, Singapore and Bengali. It has been more than six country released the theaters at the end of this year. Bangladesh as a partner from the ‘Story Entertainment.

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