Masud Akhond New Movie Slave Queen

By   May 24, 2013

Recently Masud Akhond announced his make his second movie Slave Queen. Slave Queen movie produced by American and Swedish produced organization and starring by American, Swedish, Indian and Bangladeshi artists. The film is based on Hollywood and the movie will use all the modern technology.Masud Akhond New Movie Slave Queen


‘Father’ of the movie makers Masud Akhond have started work his career second movie. He then went to Hollywood movies are made. The title of the movie ‘slave Queen. Bengali name ‘Queen of slaves. The trailer for the film makers as well as the film has been selected for the artist.

The Hollywood glitz we have to, we make a trailers for this projector, so I’m casting for a trailer for the movie and the original artist is selected.

“On April 23, 2013 the casting was. Thirty people have to meet with their artists. He said, Two people familiar with the artist. But now I do not want them to anyone.

Masud said, Ivan kaulim is the casting director in this movie Slave Queen. He Said, “Let the casting will continue as long as I do not think my album.”

We can express the feeling of “we’re casting the famous Hollywood Hollywood Casting and Movie Center. Queen of the slave movie was casting with 7 movie casting. I’m Casting Directors, as well as the big movie was much better. I think the first President of the Hollywood Casting and Movie facilities I’m used to. Producer this country, many professional artists. Right now, I’m full speed. I’ve been working day and night to take project fast forward.

Construction of the movie, he said, “2013 May 11 slave queen trailer we’ll be shooting in Loss Angles. Lisa Mehetabel my set designer. Loss Angles set of the show he told them. I’m very interested in waiting for his set.

The film will be in English language. However, for the movie fans I’ll dabbing. But the American, Swedish, Indian and Bangladeshi artists at work. Of the project said, “The film’s story from the experience I have picked. We want to bring the situation at the art .

However, the slave Queen ‘in American, Swedish, Indian and Bangladeshi artists will be performing. The film will be shooting in Sweden and Bangladesh. English is the language of the film, but the audience will be dabbing in the image. ‘Slave Queen was in charge of American and Swedish film production company produced.

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