Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj 2013 Won Maliha

By   October 12, 2013

Maliha  won the Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj 2013. The room was the fourth. Last Friday 11th October, 2013 was the held Meridian channel I Khude Ganraj 2013. The ceremony ended with a gorgeous ceremony. Grand Finale Competitive round was 5. The first runner-up in the competition have been living in Netrokona. His name is Sajib. The award is given to him three million Taka. The second runner-up is Ratul living in Khulna. He handed over the cash two million Taka.They have received education scholarship and medical opportunity. Other finalist was Raisa and Subarna. Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj 2013 Won Maliha

At a glance of Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj 2013
Champion: Maliha in Khulna
1st Runner-up: Sajib in Netrokona
2nd Runner-up: Ratul in Khulna and
Others finalist: Raisa and Subarna.

Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj 2013 winners of the awards handed Managing director of Channel I Faridur Reza Sagor, Director of Channel I Abdur Rashid Majumder, Mukit Majumder Babu, Managing director of Meridian Group S M Kamal Pasha and Kohinur Kamal. Three Judges were Sahanaz Rahamotulla, Ferdous Ara and S I Tutul in attended this program me.

Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj Sharon, Juma and Pranti a songs in this programmed. Channel I broadcast Chotokaku series of Chotokaku Afzal Hossain with was a  charming episode of Meridian Channel I Khude Ganraj’s friends. Classical music in the room with a submission to the Five finalists were Ratul, Maliha, Raisa, Subarna and Sajib.

We are interested in testing the final turn. At the beginning of this season “Tondra Hara Nayon Amar” that song comes on stage Subarna. “Oh Doctor” song comes on stage Ratul. Maliha came to Lalon shahi song “Tor Chorondashi”. “Nissho Koreso Amai” songs performanced by Sajib. Raisa’s song was “Eki sonai voriye dile”.

Top five competitions in a single performance “Ceyo na cheyo na sunoyona ei noyon pane” with come in stage and super performed by hero Ferdous and newcomer heroine Saila Shabi. The late famous writer Humayun Ahmed for the memory S I Tutul performed his movie song was “Shuoa urilo shoua urilo.

I have overcome, flooded Maliha passed in response to a small capricious,”I will pray for you”. I want to go to a lot of music. ‘The event was the presentation Tanisa. This programme directed by Ezaz Khan Swapan.

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