Microsoft Unveils Free New Office Apps For iPhone, ipad and Android

By   November 7, 2014

Microsoft is an notable company as tech based in the whole world. At a time Microsoft company made office apps for smartphone as iPhone, i pad, tablet and Android etc.  Microsoft company unveiled made the apps and it’s very helpful for Android smartphone.  Microsoft Unveils Free New Office Apps For iPhone, ipad and Android

We know that Microsoft office are used to various officially activities as Word, Excel and power point etc. But it is the news apps and that’s apps used we are doing various works by Android and iPhone and i pad etc. Already the new iPhone apps creates earthquakes of technology world. So the news apps made undoubtedly successful and admirable for Microsoft.

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Microsoft authority said next year they are creates newly office apps for iPhone, ipad, android and others for smartphones. For they are try to every time creates newly products or apps by Microsoft. Gets newly apps or programmed waits 2015. Michael Atalla Microsoft director’s also agree above narrations.

They are try to free supports for users, who can used the apps convenience and the apps used without Microsoft office 365 submission. In 2015 Microsoft coming on Drop box for androids smartphone, iPhone, i pad and tablets.

On the others hands when previews of Microsoft office apps then was presented The company of NASDAQ : MSFT. The company NASDAQ said that by Microsoft made the office apps is not possible to ready until the next year (2015).

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By census we know that’s in the whole world one billion customers can used the office apps and estimated 40 million people’s can download the apps for their i pad, i phone and tablets. Microsoft in a statement the office apps will be very popular and stay on market since a long times.

Firstly Microsoft company said the office apps to be sell in first year $70 and from second year the office apps price will be reduce. Microsoft authority said, the office apps has active on iPhone, i pad, android and tablets. The office apps has a few features, which the companies own self features.

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