Microsoft ‘X Box One’

By   May 26, 2013

A lot of speculation and rumors terminated and Microsoft recently announced that their next-generation machines to play new games. Microsoft said the new device name ‘X Box One’. President for Microsoft’s interactive entertainment Microsoft 'X Box One'

business Don ‘X Box One’ Metric announced. According to him, this ‘X Box One’ is designed in such a way, so that you can enjoy everything in one gamers. The game, TV and entertainment system are all this ‘X Box One’. The last version of ‘X Box One’ was eight years ago that 360 out of the 005 in November. Sales for the past seven years 7 million.

Microsoft’s new product ‘X Box One’ gamers work together to give a lot. Gamers to play games with the other work, such as in movies, TV and gemao able to play. ‘X Box One’ voice activation feature has been added that can be turned on by voice ‘X Box One’, can be activated, you can go back to the home screen. No ‘X Box One’ will be able to run through the motions. Towards the end of this year, it could come on the market.

The eight-year-old head of the new console ‘X Box One’, leaving the market, Microsoft has announced. The company’s head office on May 1 at a ceremony next-generation console is displayed. Voice recognition and gesture recognition kanasolatite new facilities have been added to the entertainment of the facility. President of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business Don matriculation, and almost four years of work on this console. Geima the game, as well as TV, listening to music, and the Internet can be used. Black is the color kanasolatite new kainekta sensor pad and geima. ‘X Box One’ new version will be on the market by the end of this year, he said. The price of the ‘X Box One’ no comments. The 2005 is the latest in the market, Microsoft’s console game ”X Box 360.

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