Miley Cyrus Was YouTube Empress 2013

By   December 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus was the best YouTube empress in 2013. She known as singer, modeling, actress and producer. Her songs popularity in whole the world. She is known as internationally star. Miley Cyrus Was YouTube Empress 2013

‘Reking ball’ youTube video on social media this year has been the best American Pop singer Miley Cyrus.The most frequently viewed video on YouTube this year has been to create. From now until September, after the release of the video on YouTube has been viewed a total of 37 million to 10 million times, and this number is growing very fast. The Quick 10 million level reached in the history of YouTube video Miley Cyrus.

Directed by Terry Richardson released the video of the first day total of one crore is 93 million times. The second number in this list is the most viewed YouTube video of Miley Cyrus. Another video of ‘Wii cunt stop’ has seen 31 million times.

This list has been ranked number three Miley Cyrus’ Will I Am ‘and Britney Spears video’ Scream and shout. Riyannar’s followed by ‘Diamond’, Katy Perry ‘Ror’ and Pink ‘Me just at give me a Region’ videos.

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