National University admission Question solve 2013-14

By   December 27, 2013

Here is upload National University (NU) admission test MCQ Question solve 2013-14 season. Total 100 question solution time only 1 hour and totally marks 120. We are try to solution all department question like as Science, Commerce and Arts.

After each student’s responsibility to check the right of the question and also the wrong question. That is why everyone is trying to find the correct answer after test. So the test is hard. Now we are on their side. Within hours of testing, we will pick the correct answer to the question and give you reached. You have to give the right answers to many of your responsibilities.

National University admission test 2014-15 question out & solve

If you can match your answers are the answers that you can understand how your test. You are a good or bad thing? With that you can reduce a lot of tension, if you can question papers Correction. Download Question solve for NU admission  2013

Business Group Question Solve: BANGLA ANSWER= 1=C 2=B 3=C 4=C 5=B 6=B 7=C 8=C 9=A 10=C 11=B 12=B 13=B 14=D 15=D 16=C 17=C 18=C 19=D 20=B 21=B 22=D 23=D 24=A 25=D

MANAGEMENT= 1=A 2=C 3=A 4=A 5=B 6=B 7=A 8=D 9=C 10=C 11=C 12=B 13=A 14=D 15=A 16=B 17=B 18=C 19=A 20=B

ENGLISH ANS= 1=d 2=b 3=c 4=b 5=c 6=a 7=a 8=a 9=b 10=c 11=a 12=d 13=a 14=c 15=b 16=d 17=b 18=d 19=c 20=b 21=a 22=a 23=a 24=c 25=a

ACCOUNTING= 1=a 2=c 3=b 4=d 5=b 6=a 7=c 8=d 9=? 10=b 11=a 12=d 13=b 14=c 15=c 16=? 17=b 18=c 19=? 20=?

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE= 1=A 2=A 3=D 4=C 5=C 6=C 7=D 8=B 9=B 10=C

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