NDN Buying Yahoo.com

By   April 3, 2014

Yahoo online is the biggest social network in the technology world. News video distribution network service providers (NDN), a leading Internet service provider Yahoo online buys. To complete the purchase process at Yahoo 30 million dollars may be preoccupied. Press the Wall Street Journal recently published report by one of them.

News distribution network, the online video service Provider. However, the company itself does not create any video content. Originally collected from the customers online video services NDN videos. The Institute’s collection includes a total of 1 million video content. Note that the fourth-leading online video service provider institutions of NDN.

The company video has published total 57 crore 30 million times. Yahoo as well as other online video service providers the fifth position and the company video has published total 38 crore 40 million times. The NDN contents Video Los Angeles Times , New York Daily News and Blumabargas several websites . According to reports in The Wall Street Journal , the purchase process is completed, thousands of Yahoo news site will be able to spread its video content .

Meanwhile, Yahoo News, with an official distribution network , the company refused to issue the contract . Yahoo has been talking about recently with the acquisition process , he said. Recently published a report about the acquisition of technical media at Yahoo are rikodeo . The report is to be claimed , through their own online video service Yahoo soon going to create a major gimmicks . He will complete the purchasing process in relaxed subjects , the news media did not report specific information .

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