Nokia is going to change the name & Update news

By   April 22, 2014

Nokia is going to be the end of an era. The name change is being done through the well-known Nokia Nokia Mobile go this way. Nokia Mobile Division changed its name to the name of the Microsoft mobile MS authorities. By the end of April to buy Nokia’s mobile division has completed the process of constructing the largest software company in the world. Technology of the hearing at the Senate website.  Nokia is going to change the name & Update news

Recently, a letter from Finland Nokia and Microsoft Agreements have been leaked online. According to this letter, is the new name and the new name of Nokia Corporation Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Mobile. The letter also claimed that Microsoft and Nokia deal will be completed soon. However, in March, the month of April, the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia officials had expressed concern to complete the activities.

Nokia will continue to do? This question seems a natural place. The U.S. market – analysts said, Microsoft has been selling the Nokia Nokia is the Nokia name is deleted or lost simply is not going to. This means he now knows the identity of the people that go nakiyake. Microsoft just bought Nokia mobile phones including Nokia feature phone makers team section. However, network equipment, has sold the business to business and Hare Nokia Maps authority.
Nokia has the right to use the brand name of the current Nokia authority. 7 0 million U.S. dollar contract for a decade, Microsoft has received permission to use the Nokia brand name. In addition, Microsoft will be able to use the Lumia and the bryandatio. Market – analysts said, despite Nokia names Microsoft mobile business partner institutions will have the same relationship with Microsoft.

As a condition of repurchase nakiyake, Nokia’s products and services as well as all the rights and benefits of the Microsoft be liable.

Finally, to change the name of Nokia. Nokia mobile phone maker after Microsoft bought the software companies had the biggest change. Now, it is true. Nokia is the name of the ‘Microsoft Mobile’. Nokia is also going to be the name of the mobile phone, Microsoft Mobile Corporation.

Recent agreement between Microsoft and Nokia is the news on the Internet. According to the agreement, and soon a new name, the department began to take responsibility for the organization’s top officials will sign agreements with other bisayasankranta. The Nokia brand name Nokia and Microsoft will be able to use both sides.

However, if you change the name of Nokia Nokia is not going to change things. Since Nokia’s mobile phone division to Microsoft, the features of the phone making the building’s name and the name of the phone is changed. Nokia Nokia is the name of the current network equipment business and other activities are expected to continue.

Nokia had some information about the name change in October last year, the then CEO and current executive vice president Stephen ilopa. However, he declined to say anything about how relaxed will change. Finally, spread the news about the agreement before it was released data.

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