Pohela Boishakh 1421 Shuvo Noboborsho

By   April 9, 2014

Pahela Boishakh is the first day of Bangla year. It is the most popular occassion for every Bengalis. Pahela Boishakh is the great festival of the Bengalis. If the public is a festival of the Bengalis in Pahela Boishakh.  Pohela Boishakh 1421 Shuvo Noboborsho

Bengali New Year Brief History:
Bengali year starting date counted started on 1556. Mughal Emperor Mohammad Akhbar to the throne arohanare memorable tribute to the festival in 1556 as the first baisakh siraji ordered to perform.

In 1608, by order of the Mughal emperor Jahangi the continuation subador Islam Khan Chisti Dhaka as the capital raise, the calculation of the revenue and commerce – to begin clearing baisakh Bengali bacharare pahalo utsabare taken as the day began.

There is historical information, all of Emperor Akbar imitation subadora Amazon in the day, his basabhabanare distribute sweets and wished subjects karatane Baishakh celebration.

The government began to subadora overload, farmers and traders would upasthati. Citizens came to pay taxes and accounting of rent in the occasion – either fair analysis, as well as music – music, cows – buffalo fighting, sports and Point Events.

Notun shurjo,
notun pran.
Notun shur,
notun gaan.
Notun aloy katuk adhar,
par hoye jak okul pathar.
Katuk bishad,
ashuk horsho,
shuvo hok

Notun asha ..
Notun pran,
Notun shurey..
Notun gan,
Notun Ushar…
Notun alo…
Notun bochor katuk valoo”

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