Priyanka Chopra Buying Five Million ‘Rolls Royce’

By   December 5, 2013

Priyanka Chopra recently announced that’s she buying a new brand car name is Rolls Royce. Ram – Leela ‘Priyanka Chopra’s film torched a few moments on screen presence. Director Sanjay Leela¬† Banasali appreciate it. Whole Bollywood Thanks giving is admirable. Priyanka to enjoy this happy moment to give yourself about an expensive gift. Buying a Rolls-Royce said. Priyanka Chopra Buying Five Million 'Rolls Royce'

Close to the source , Bollywood, quite a few of these cars . But priyanka be quite different . Vehicles inside the world-class , sophisticated private suite over. Livelong day, so there ease can spend . Yourself all the activities there , sitting can cope . Naturally due to the price increase jumping . Cars How much ? In less than two million . And the sponge -like mind katate could go capasera Piggy ? At least five million is calculated .

Car colors? Phyanatama black and glossy – Priyanka prominent purplish choice., But he is trying to do something new, mixed black and ivory. Therefore, frequently with the Rolls-Royce company, one of the masters in charge of recovering the phone and taking meetings. Likely to end in January or early February will leave the car at home Chopra.

For more information warning. Vehicles in a major Food – Chamber soon. Various types of chocolate, cookies, fruit and natas – Admission will have the., Why not, Priyanka constant easing like to eat. Starvation when the gets eaten all. Her private secretary, now the world’s various countries turn the chocolate, cookies collected had begun to fill.

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