Raja Handsome 2014 Bangla Movie By Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas

By   November 14, 2013

Raja Handsome is an upcoming Bangla movie starring by Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas. It’s an romantic story based Bangla movie. It’s movie directed by Bodiul Alam Khokon. It’s movie produced Dhallywood heart throb super star Shakib Khan himself. Raja Handsome 2014 Bangla Movie By Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas

Raja Handsome is  fully romantic based upcoming Bangla movie. The film leads character playing Top hero Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas. It is the first time Shakib Khan which any one Bangla movie producer. They paired up chemistry is very well for Bangladeshi Bangla movie.

Raja Handsome movie producer Shakib Khan said, Raja Handsome Bangla movie will shooting captured fully used by foreign locations. Basically will be shoot beautiful foreign country Thailand. Although a few locations in Bangladesh used for this movie shooting. It’s movie shooting captured will be started on December 2013.

During one of the most popular Bengali movie pairs sakiba Khan and Apu Biswas. They gave gifts to many popular Bengali cinema audience. They have acted in the movie: Koti Takar Kabin, Chaccu, Pitar Ason, Moe Boro Kosto, Jaan Amar Jaan, O sathi Re, Amar Jaan Amar Pran, Mone Prane Asho Tumi, Dadima, Top Hero, Number One Shakib Khan, Hai Prem Hai Bhalobasha, Koti Takar Prem, Jaan Kurban, King Khan, Prem Mane Na Badha, Moner Jala, Tor Karone Besche Ashi, Preme Porechi etc.

Raja Handsome Bangla movie will be released on 2014 and it’s movie songs will be releaesd on 2014 month of April.

At a glance:
Movie name: Raja Handsome
Directed by: Bodiul Alam Khokon
Produced by: Shakib Khan
Casted by: Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Misha Sawdagar and more actors.
Genre: Romantic
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh
Release date: 2014

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