Sanjay Dutta Sentenced 5 Years

By   March 24, 2013

Update News Of Sanjay Dutta

Sanjay Dutta is a popular Bollywood super star. At present his name involved by with terrorist attacked. Indian Supreme Courts last Wednesday (20-03-2013) give submit decision Sanjay Dutta get five years sentenced by act of weapons. Sanjay Dutta accused keep on  Sanjay Dutta Sentenced 5 Years, Image

invalid weapons of your house.Courts said, in fours week Sanjay Dutta give caught to law.

In March, 1993 many powerful bomb blast in Mumbai continually. For this bomb blust 257 man died in place and injured were estimated 700 man. After relation of terrorists attack and invalid weapons keep on his house. This the main cause sentenced against of Sanjay Dutta. Under Terrorist and Disruptive Activities(Thada Act) hand of Mumbai police caught to Bollywood star Sanjay Dutta. Mumbai police the search of Sanjay Dutta’s house and police administration get a AK-56 and without license 9 MM Revulsion.

In 2006 years Thada Courts done band of accused terrorist attack of against Sanjay Dutta. But courts give sentenced against for keep on invalid weapons. That is the main culprit of sentenced against Sanjay Dutta. This sentenced is five years.

Sanjay Dutta sentenced the bad news for fans of Sanjay Dutta. This sentenced not accepted to fans of Sanjay Dutta. Sanjay Dutta were owner many super hit movie in Bollywood Box office. Sajan, Kholnayak and Aghnipath were the most blockbuster hindi movie. For this sentenced his fans were silence. This decision not acceptable to Sanjay Dutta’s movie fans.

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